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3. MMA training

Punching and kicking technics with ground fighting

For ladies 3 type of training we make

1. Ladies Self-defense

Intensive Aikido self-defense technics with realistic situations with weapon and agains weapon.

​2. A full fitness program

Cardio, fat-burning and stamina building training

It is important to say that we not only

teaches self-defense to children, but self-discipline and proper focus on a disciplined and obedient. The children learn to separate work and special team work. We are use the children improves movement coordination movement therapy is used every training. 

​Reflex improves training and players jobs characterized by all training.

Ladies Only Training

Kids Training

Adults Training

Every training  the warm up and stretching the

first. The other things we'll always mix.

But we have in the training this things:

- Ground fighting

- Body punch fighting

​- Full contact fighting

- Boxing fighting

- MMA fighting

- Cardio training

- Muscle training

- Punching technics

- Kicking technics 

- Sambo technics

​- Combat Sambo technics

In the training sometimes we make different-different team. And all team need to practice different technics, in a different situations. 1 technic you should practice 1000 times! only after 1000 times practicing coming automaticly.

The training sytem is very important. First we build up  the stamina thats why we have a lot of cardio period. After than we make a technic training. So we learn hand , -.leg,- elbow,- Knee,-  and floor technics. Choke, hand lock, leg lock, neck lock, etc..  In the Combat Sambo we have more than 3000 (!) technics. We are learn 1 or 2 technic per week. And this technics we practice in every training. A very important things: We need to build up the tolerance of pain. Yes... tolerance of pain. Because nobody dont talking about this things, but everybody need to build up this, we need to check where is the pain limit.

First important thing: Serious Decision , Second: Lets train hard!

training                               our training system

Come and enjoy the trainings with OUR SUCCESful team. be serious, be fighter, be champion!